SkyBound Cirrus 14' Trampoline
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The SkyBound Cirrus 14 ft. trampoline will inspire your kids to dream and use their imagination. Blue color accents provide a fresh and clean style that will look great in any backyard. It comes with a sturdy, aesthetically-pleasing, and easy-to-assemble design, without any complicated steps or parts (nuts, bolts, washers, or screws).

  • Recommended for ages: 6+
  • Weight limit: 220 lbs

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The SkyBound Cirrus 14 ft trampoline will inspire your kids to dream and use their imagination when they play. Blue color accents provide a fresh and clean style that will look great in any backyard.

The SkyBound Cirrus Trampoline features a lightning-quick Enclosure System installation set-up with no bolts, screws, brackets, braces or pole caps. Push-pin technology allows for a fast, easy set up and break down of the trampoline’s frame and enclosure system. The SkyBound Cirrus trampoline features (a) powder coated, black steel frame, (b) 6 W-shaped legs,(c) a concave enclosure net, (d) 6 black, curved enclosure poles, (e) black, vinyl-coated foam sleeves, (f) two-piece, Easy Install, PVC trampoline pad, (g) large, 7" premium gold springs (rust resistant), and (h) Shoe Bag.

The Enclosure System includes 6 steel enclosure poles for increased structural stability and maximum user safety. The enclosure poles and pad are shielded and covered by SkyBound's proprietary blend of vinyl PVC material & pole foam, which when compared to standard foam noodles, & better withstands UV degradation from the sun's harmful rays by up to 3-5x the life span of the foam. The bottom of the enclosure net attaches directly to the trampoline mat's v-rings, helping to keep wayward feet and hands within the jumping mat surface area and away from steel parts.

The SkyBound Cirrus Trampoline is also equipped with six w-shaped leg frame tubes with the enclosure poles feeding directly into each leg socket. This structurally stable, highly functional, aesthetically-pleasing, minimalist design allows for much faster set-up and installation times without the use of brackets, braces, screws, washers, nuts and bolts


This is an amazing trampoline! At first I was a little shocked by the price, but after some reading and online research I believed this would be worth it, and it really is. It is exceptionally sturdy (especially in comparison with other 'cheaper' versions available at local box stores) and the fact that the safety net is inside from the springs gives an extra sense of security. It was a Christmas gift for our grandchildren and our son was able to assemble it very easily by himself.

5 stars- NICE

I bought this wonder full trampoline for the kids and they leaned so many tricks I can't belive it I did have a realization that you can put to people on there at a time thought and the price is just right when you count up all the things that your kid will learn

  • Item #: SB-T14CIR01
  • Manufacturer: SkyBound

SkyBound Cirrus 14' Trampoline

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